Operating Reserve Policy

The inn reservation will be confirmed only after proof of payment referring to 50% from the total value of the accommodation through bank deposit or transfer. You can also do it by credit card, when the cards data are sent by whatsapp application, or from your email to the inn. After the credit card authorization or the proof of payment sending we will send you a booking voucher.

After 24 hours without booking confirmation we will ignore the reservation request.
The check in date can be altered according availability and upon e-mail, whatsapp or phone call request, with 24 hours in advance of the check in.

The value of the current daily will be charged for the new period requested. If the daily value is grater, the difference will be charged in the check in along with the balance of hosting values. .

Check In and Check Out

The rooms will be available for the guests from 12 o’clock (at noon). The daily is finished at noon. After this time we will charge an equivalent value to mid daily till 05 o’clock PM and a new daily will be charged after this time.

It’s necessary to fill a housing form in the Check in.

Minors of 18 years age will be not available entry without the presence of one of the parents or the legal guardian, certified by a document.

Any daily remaining balance will be charged at the check in.

Cancellation or Changing Inn Bookings

Reservations cancelled last than 48 hours from the check in date will be completely refunded through banking deposit. Will be discounted values relating to the type DOC or TED operations rates, if necessary.

Housing bookings made through credit card will be refunded in 30 days, in case of credit operations, and refunded in up to 3 days in case of debit card. In both cases will be discounted 5% of this value relating to administrative fee card.

In case of cancelled reservations after last 48 hours from check in date, one daily or the value related to the housing booking warranty will be charged.

If a guest want to shorten your stay after have checked in, he may use the paid balance, getting credit for a new stay. The remaining balance will not be returned. The guest will have one year to use your credit.

The guest No Show or cancellation without prior notice will incur a charge amounting to a daily.

Return Policy

As the cancellation policy the value of advance reservations will only be refunded by bank deposit, and bank rate discounted rate if necessary to carry out DOC or TED.

Payment made by credit or debit card will be refunded after guest attest receipt of credit in their bank accounts by deducting the amount of the administrative fee charged by the card is 5% . Installment payments will be returned as the number of installments chosen by the customer every month.


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